Changes at the Board

The highest authority of the Witchards Society is its members.

However, its day to day running is the responsibility of the board, who share responsibility for role-playing games in the Witchards’ universe.

Board members serve for a maximum of two years, during which they are required to attend monthly meetings, and to organise a yearly general assembly where motions that affect the operation of the Society can be presented and voted on by the entire membership.

By Danish law this kind of organisation is required to work primarily for the benefit of its members. Membership of the association costs 50 euros per year and, while it is not required to attend Witchards events, it gives a voice and a vote in assembly. If you’d like to know more, here’s a translation of the articles of association.

At the 2024 general assembly, a number of changes to the Board were announced.


Thomas Mertz and Paula Terhardt are stepping down

Thomas was instrumental in setting up the Witchards Society, its first chairman, and a part of Witchards community since the very first College of Wizardry game in 2014.

Paula may be leaving the board, but we’re delighted she remains lead producer of Thalenberg: Institut des Verlorenen.

The new board, and witchards everywhere, owe these two a great deal. The Society would not be where it is without them.

Image of Laura Sirola
Laura Sirola

Laura Sirola is taking the Chair

Laura is an experienced Lead Producer, a cornerstone of the Witchards community, and no-one who saw it will forget the magic of her portrayal of the Spirit of Czocha at CoW 25. Laura’s ability to project a spirit of calm in the turmoil of an organisers’ room makes her perfect to steer the Society into its second year.

David Norris

David Norris and Pändi Baldwin remain

David and Pändi are half-way through their two-year terms on the board. They’ve already done a huge amount of work, and their experience is invaluable in ensuring the continuity the board needs.

Pändi Baldwin
Pändi Baldwin

As Lead Producers of College of Wizardry and Bothwell School of Witchcraft respectively, David and Pändi will continue to bring the voices of the two longest running Witchards events to board meetings.

Pändi has served as Bothwell’s Head of School, while David has been a constant presence behind the bar at Czocha for some time.

They know their way around back-stage, and they know how to make time to listen to the player experience at Witchard Society events.

John Shockley

John Shockley and Harry Harrold are stepping up

John was the first English player to be Head of Czocha, and has served on the Story team of WereWar and the College of Wizardry. He brings a great deal of organisational experience and commercial acumen to the Board.

Harry Harrold

Harry is a comparative latecomer to the Witchards community, but his experience as a larper and organiser stretches back to the late 1900s.

Both John and Harry were elected unopposed, and intend to ensure that is the last time that happens to two Englishmen. The Board needs to be as marvelously diverse as the membership it represents.