Bothwell School of Witchcraft is the UK’s largest magic school role-playing event. Surrounded by the towering walls of a 15th century moated castle, you’ll easily be able to become a part of the school of magic you always dreamed of attending! Take part in magical lessons as a student or professor, explore the expansive grounds, be sorted into one for the four school houses, and make lifelong friendships.

The Houses

Bothwell is proudly home to four school houses that compete for the House Shield, and each embody strong qualities to be found in all witches. The houses at Bothwell School of Witchcraft are named after some of the protectors of the school early in its conception as they defended the castle while it was still a sanctuary for young witches to help fight injustices against their kind. To learn more about the houses, click on each of the links below.

The Houses

The Faculty

The playable faculty of Bothwell School of Witchcraft consists of the Head Master, nine Professors, and usually one or two supporting staff, including Assistant Professors, a Head Guardian, or a Janitor, for example.

Most professors also function as House Monitors who advise and guide the members of a specific House.

The Lessons

All students get the opportunity to take part in all of the lessons offered by the faculty, much like in a UK secondary school. Whether you’re a first, second, or third year, you’ll experience each class once during the event, as well as getting the opportunity to play the popular magical sport Fireball Dragon, and have downtime to catch up with homework, take part in an after-class club, or get up to mischief with your friends!

Explore the classes here!

Life at Bothwell

There are many extra-curricular activities at Bothwell. Some of these are learning-based after school classes like assisting a teacher with their research, or a Prefect leading part of First-Year detention to get extra credit. 

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