College of Wizardry is the largest immersive magic school in the world. Study magic and make life-long friendships, at all inclusive overnight stay at a real castle. Go to class, explore secret passageways, adventure onto the castle grounds and face mystical beings. Find out more about the student Houses and Clubs, the Faculty and the lore of Witchards Society.

Upcoming Events

  • October 20-23, 2022 at Czocha Castle in Poland

    24th Classic College of Wizardry: Folklore & Fairytales

    Headmistress Dorothy Goodwand, more affectionately known as 'Granny Dot' has been custodian of the school for, well, ages. No one is quite sure how long, or how old she is, and are too embarrassed to ask now.

    The start of this school year brings with it the usual social dramas, heartbreaks and studying, but on top of that the professors at Czocha know something is a little different. Reports from the Guardian Order tell of entities, creatures from across the veil, which feed off magic, being drawn towards one of the most magical places in the witchard world: Czocha Castle.

    Granny is not worried about much, moths eating her favourite cardigan, running out of digestive biscuits, and dark entities feeding off the magic of Czocha, again; and as there's a hole in one of her favourite cardigans, this could be a difficult start to the year.

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The Houses

The College of Wizardry is home to five student Houses, competing to win the House Cup. Each embodying strong qualities and values, and most often at odds with each other. Join a magical home and be part of the legacy!

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The Faculty

From janitor over professors to Head of School, the faculty reign more or less supreme over the students at Czocha. They guide the aspiring witchards, they give and take away House points, and every graduate has a story about that one professor who gave them detention, or the other one who helped them win the House Cup.

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The Paths

Each student chooses a Path -- the Path defines which classes you’ll attend and will steer you through a curriculum of magical classes.

Student Life

There is more to the life of a student of magic than House rivalries and endless hours spent in the library. The College of Wizardry is home to a number of Clubs and Secret Societies. And that’s not even mentioning the intense and amazing sport known as Fireball Dragon.

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The Team

Robin Steen
Robin Steen
Lead Producer
Laura Sirola
Laura Sirola
Assistant Producer
Karolina Fairfax
Karolina Fairfax
Head of Cast
Iryt Kraus
Iryt Kraus
Head of Scenography
Marta Szyndler
Marta Szyndler
Production Assistant
Maja Małecka
Location Manager
Thomas Mertz
Managing director
Christopher Sandberg
Christopher Sandberg

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