Yes, all meals are included. Drinks such as coffee, tea, and orange juice are also included. Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are not included.
Yes, we aim to cater to all food preferences and allergies.
Yes, we’ve had many players who’ve come on their own and had an amazing time. They even made many new friends along the way!
Our game is designed to be as inclusive as possible and our staff is always there to help.
While the majority of our events are in English, there are exceptions. Each game will list its language requirements on the ticket page for that event.
You need to be at least 18 years old to participate in Witchards events.


It is likely you either were not logged in when you booked your ticket or used one email address for the ticket and another for your account. Make sure they are the same, and if that fails reach out to us via [email protected].
Our waitlist is a mailinglist, that automatically triggers a notification when a ticket or product you signed up for is back in stock. It goes out to everyone equally on that list, so it does not matter whether you joined the waitlist two days ago or two weeks ago.
If and when a ticket or product comes back in stock it is still a first come first serve purchase. That means that even though you joined a waitlist, and get the notification, the ticket or product may have sold out before you read the email.
No. Ticket transfers are not an option.

Payment Plans

Our payment plan system works by splitting your payment up into several smaller bites and then creating future scheduled orders. Future payments are NOT automatic, but our shop will send you email reminders when a payment is due.
Our shop will send reminder emails. Regardless it is your responsibility to keep up with your payment plan. If a payment is more than 14 days overdue you run the risk of losing your ticket as well as all payments made up until that point.
Tickets are marked as pending until they are paid in full. All tickets, as per the terms of our payment plans, must be paid in full at least three weeks prior to the event running. Failure to do so will mark the ticket as void, and you won’t be allowed to attend the event.
Payment plans involve more administrative and bookkeeping work on our end, as well as incurring additional transaction costs. As a result, we add 5% of the ticket price on top when you choose to pay via payment plan to cover those additional costs.
No. There are no refunds for tickets. In this case you have two options; you can either not pay any more on your payment plan. You will then lose your ticket and forfeit what has been paid so far.
Or you keep up with you payment plan and try to sell your ticket to someone else.