Witchard Society

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Magic is real in our world. A witchard is someone capable of such magic, from spells and incantations to making magical potions and artefacts. It is also a gender-neutral term for witches, wizards and other spellcasters. In everyday speech, the ability to do magic is called hexblood, even though it doesn’t actually have anything to do with your blood. While it is much more probable for a witchard child to be born to witchard parents, hexblood can surface in anyone regardless of your background. The opposite is also possible, and sometimes witchard parents give birth to a dud, a child with no magical ability at all.

What makes hexblood awaken in a person has baffled magical researchers for centuries, but the only thing certain is that there will always be somewhat of a divide between the hexborn and the mundaneborn. Hexism, the ideology that a long magical lineage defines your value as a witchard, is still quite common in many confluxes despite the rise of many pro-mundaneborn initiatives. In addition, there are of course those born to one magical and one mundane parent, and the experiences of mixborn children can vary wildly depending on how strict the local secrecy and anti-mundane laws are.

Witchard society is governed by magical communities known as confluxes, hidden in plain sight and on the fringes of the mundane world. The European Confluxes are incredibly varied and multi-faceted, and while some function as a rather typical democracy, many have far more exotic and strange systems governing the witchards who make their living there.

While the confluxes are self-governing and set their own rules, a vast majority are bound by the Traditions, a collection of common laws protecting the secrecy and functionality of the witchard society. These are enforced by the Guardian Order, reaching across the entire Europe. For this reason, the one symbol that can be said to represent the European Confluxes are the crossed keys–the symbol of the Guardian Order.

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