Announcing College of Wizardry Anniversary: Echoes of the Past

This year marks the tenth anniversary of College of Wizardry. In November 2014, a team of Polish and Danish larpers set out to create something that would change countless lives, and now it’s time to celebrate that journey. On November 7-10, 2024, we’ll be running College of Wizardry Anniversary: Echoes of the Past, a special edition of College of Wizardry where you can either play a completely new character or bring back an old one from any of the previous College of Wizardry games.

As the students arrive at Czocha for the start of the school year, it becomes obvious that something is not quite as it should be. Who are these new but strangely familiar students and why are they here? Why can no one quite put their finger on what is different or wrong? Still, the business of teaching and learning must go on, and the Head of School and their staff are determined that a little bit of magical strangeness is not going to disrupt the proper running of classes and college business.

You can read more about the vision for this run on the event page.

Laura Sirola
Laura Sirola
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