College of Wizardry Anniversary: Echoes of the Past


November 7-10, 2024
Czocha Castle, Poland

Join an all-inclusive immersive magic school event set at a breathtaking castle. Long weekend overnight stay at the castle, all meals and hot drinks included. Go to class, encounter magical beings and experience amazing special effects. Robe and House badge provided, bring your wand!

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November 7-10, 2024
Czocha Castle, Poland
Head of School: Peter Elofsson Edgar as Ignatius Inkwood
Lead Producers: Laura Sirola and David Norris

We invite players and characters old and new to celebrate the 10th anniversary of College of Wizardry. As the students arrive at Czocha for the start of the school year, it becomes obvious that something is not quite as it should be. Who are these new but strangely familiar students and why are they here?

You can read more about what to expect here!

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