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Witchard Society

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Magic is real in our world. A witchard is someone capable of such magic, from spells and incantations to making magical potions and artefacts. It is also a gender-neutral term for witches, wizards and other spellcasters. In everyday speech, the ability to do magic is called hexblood, even though it doesn’t actually have anything to do with your blood. While it […]


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A hexborn comes from a magical family, born to two witchards. This is opposed to a mundaneborn, who comes from two normal, mundane humans but displays magical talent. There are also mixborn witchards, with one mundane and one witchard parent. Many confuse the terms hexborn and hexblood, but they are different–everyone who can use magic is said to have hexblood.

Guardian Order

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All proper Guardians have been sworn in by the Guardian Order. They wield an enchanted key and often a badge that signifies their status. Most Guardians go on to become Conflux Guardians, stationed in a specific community and tasked with the upholding of its laws and the Codified Traditions within its borders. It is worth noting that there is a […]

The Traditions

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The European Confluxes is a varied place, with an untold number of small, eclectic societies. Even so, there is a law that they all follow known as “The Traditions”. It is upheld by the Guardian Order, tasked with maintaining the secrecy of the Confluxes and their separation from the world that mundanes inhabit. The Traditions have their origin in countless […]

The Bound Arts

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There are areas of magic study universally banned by the Tradition of the Bound. It is worth noting that at the time of the introduction of the Treaty of Avalon, certain prominent old-blood Hexborn families such as Grey, Faust, Drachenberg, Artemis , Wychwood, and Twardowski had much of their influence from some of these arts. In spite of the political […]