People are magic!

Witchards Society is lifting a legacy of nearly a decade of magically fantastic immersive events and larps set in our very own Witchards Universe.
Study spells, magic potions and mystical artefacts. Encounter magic beings and do excursions into the fairytale forest.
Each event hosts over a hundred students. As well as professors, castle staff and lots of magical beings and magical encounters. This is a place to have pretend enemies for a weekend, and meet lifelong friends!

Our Events

Witchards Society hosts an array of events, and we enable our community to tell their own stories, too.

Bothwell School of Witchcraft is the UK’s largest magic school role-playing event. Located in an authentic British boarding school, you’ll easily be able to become a part of the school of magic you always dreamed of attending! Take part in magical lessons as a student or professor, explore the expansive grounds, be sorted into one for the four school houses, and make lifelong friendships.

College of Wizardry is the largest immersive magic school in the world. Study magic and make life-long friendships, at all inclusive overnight stay at a real castle. Go to class, explore secret passageways, adventure onto the castle grounds and face mystical beings. Find out more about the student Houses and Clubs, the Faculty and the lore of Czocha College of Wizardry.

Our newest event for our German-speaking community members.

Eine Schule, die auf seltsame Art und Weise auftaucht, die umliegenden mitteldeutschen Konfluxe in politisches Chaos versinken lässt und verlorene Dinge die auf mysteriöse weise in der Schule auftauchen – all das und mehr erwartet euch am “Thalenberg – Institut des Verlorenen”!

Werewar will return in 2025.

Ever since the First Witchard, that fabled original spellcaster unleashing the power of the first magic, there has been a tension in nature. Something that shifted. Undetectable by normal senses, but nevertheless there – a tremor deep in the souls of all with the gift of magic.

Join Witchards Society

Witchards Society hosts an array of events, and we enable our community to tell their own stories, too.

Witchards Society is the non-profit organisation responsible for producing the larp events, and we’re also the stewards of the Witchards Universe.

Joining the association helps support the work we do to keep the magic alive, and being a member means you can help steer the ship, too.

Membership benefits:
  • Help steer the future of the Witchards Universe
  • €25 euro discount for a ticket to any of our events
  • A swanky members only shirt (but you will have to pay for shipping – sorry)
  • Voting rights at our yearly general assembly

Membership is only €50 per year.

Latest news

All the latest from our events, the board, and much much more.

Join the crew: Bothwell and Czocha are calling.

Witchards events literally couldn’t run without crew. Whether they’re logistics, scenography, clean-up or whatever, they provide the backdrop that means the magic can happen. You’ll know your producers; Laura Sirola and Dave Norris for Czocha College, Pändi Baldwin and Andrew Russell for Bothwell. They lead the events, overall responsibility is theirs. They’re partnered by the…

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Announcing College of Wizardry Anniversary: Echoes of the Past

This year marks the tenth anniversary of College of Wizardry. In November 2014, a team of Polish and Danish larpers set out to create something that would change countless lives, and now it’s time to celebrate that journey. On November 7-10, 2024, we’ll be running College of Wizardry Anniversary: Echoes of the Past, a special…

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Changes at the Board

The highest authority of the Witchards Society is its members. However, its day to day running is the responsibility of the board, who share responsibility for role-playing games in the Witchards’ universe. Board members serve for a maximum of two years, during which they are required to attend monthly meetings, and to organise a yearly…

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A note about payment plans

We know that our community has long asked us for a variety of options when it comes to paying for tickets to our events. We know our events aren’t the cheapest around, and we have been spending quite a bit of time exploring options. It is the ongoing battle between the scope and quality we…

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