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House Boyeswick

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Named for Geoffry Boyeswick, known on the battlefield as simply ‘boye’. He fought closely with Prince Rupert in many battles using the form of giant wolf-dog.

Bothwell School of Witchcraft

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The story behind Bothwell School of Witchcraft begins in late 16th Century England during the height of the persecution of witches.

House Faust

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Values: Knowledge, Power, AmbitionSymbol: DragonColors: Blue & GoldFounder: Johann & Johanna von Faust The famous Doctor Johann Georg von Faust was a mystery to everyone. He created one of the great grimoires of magic and was known as a tireless and dedicated witchard, always in pursuit of knowledge. In Czocha, however, it is a well-known secret that “Faust” was actually […]

House Durentius

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Values: Valour, Diligence, AudacitySymbol: RoosterColors: Orange & BrownFounder: Durentius The origins of Durentius, the second of the Czocha Founders, are shrouded in mystery. There are numerous stories and legends about their true identity, but they are all in agreement that they were a master of magical creatures, a true revolutionary in the field of Cryptozoology creating many kinds of hybrid […]

House Libussa

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House Libussa is proud to be the House of the Founder of Czocha, the famous Libussa herself. More a legend than a human even while she was alive, Libussa was known for her rebellious nature and strong will to change the status quo.

What is a dud?

in Miscellanea

A dud is the term for children who are born to witchard parents, but who display no sign of magic. Most witchards show the first signs around the start of puberty. Hexblood is known to have manifested as early as the age of six years old, and in some cases even in seniors over 90. Duds, meanwhile, simply never display ability in magic.

Hexborn and Mundaneborn

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A hexborn comes from a magical family, born to two witchards. This is opposed to a mundaneborn, who comes from two normal, mundane humans but displays magical talent. There are also mixborn witchards, with one mundane and one witchard parent. Many confuse the terms hexborn and hexblood, but they are different–everyone who can use magic is said to have hexblood.

The Lander Rebellion

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When talking of werewolves, one cannot help but talk of German werewolves. For many years werewolves have been desperately trying to reach out to witchards and make amends with the old Königsberger Universität. They want a chance at a good life, a job and respect from their neighbors. Though once reviled as monsters and brutes, many werewolves have for centuries […]

Czocha College of Wizardry

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The origins of Czocha College of Witchcraft and Wizardry are shrouded in mystery, and over the centuries many versions have existed trying to piece together the past of the castle and its inhabitants. This is the current widely accepted story, though people more versed in the history of the House founders can see that it is not without holes and contradictions. It does, however, include a relatively accurate timeline and capture the relevant events thanks to which the school we know today came to be.