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Lycanthropy and its Spread Lycanthropy is a horrifying disease to many – a way of life for a few outcasts. It is spread through the bite and saliva of a mature werewolf – though such a bite often incurs extremely painful death before the lycanthropy has a chance to lodge itself in the victim. There are stories of people who […]

The Bound Arts

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There are areas of magic study universally banned by the Tradition of the Bound. It is worth noting that at the time of the introduction of the Treaty of Avalon, certain prominent old-blood Hexborn families such as Grey, Faust, Drachenberg, Artemis , Wychwood, and Twardowski had much of their influence from some of these arts. In spite of the political […]

The Lycanthropic Crime Prevention Initiative (LCPI)

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The Lycanthropic Crime Prevention Initiative is a cross-conflux subdivision of the Guardian Order, and a controversial one at that. The initiative was founded and funded by Regulator Romanov who issued the executive order to form the initiative. The purpose of the LCPI is to combat crime committed by werewolves, and they are notorious for employing extreme methods towards this aim. […]

Guardian Order

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All proper Guardians have been sworn in by the Guardian Order. They wield an enchanted key and often a badge that signifies their status. Most Guardians go on to become Conflux Guardians, stationed in a specific community and tasked with the upholding of its laws and the Codified Traditions within its borders. It is worth noting that there is a […]

The Traditions

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The European Confluxes is a varied place, with an untold number of small, eclectic societies. Even so, there is a law that they all follow known as “The Traditions”. It is upheld by the Guardian Order, tasked with maintaining the secrecy of the Confluxes and their separation from the world that mundanes inhabit. The Traditions have their origin in countless […]

History of Czocha

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The origins of Czocha College of Witchcraft and Wizardry are shrouded in mystery, and over the centuries many versions have existed trying to piece together the past of the castle and its inhabitants. This is the current widely accepted story, though people more versed in the history of the House founders can see that it is not without holes and […]

Rosencrantz Order

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Motto: Defend and Detain Area of expertise: Conflux Law and Runic Magic One of the largest Orders is the Rosencrantz Order, also known as the Order of the Golden Rose. Founded by Dame Charlott Rosencrantz in the 14th century, it remains a nod to the time where Knights were appointed to uphold magical law. In her time, Charlott was one of the […]

Nightingale Order

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Motto: Heal and Hunt Area of expertise: Potions and Blood Magic ‘The Lady with the Lamp’, Florence Nightingale, broke the Tradition of Word by practicing magic in front of Mundanes while paving the way for the nurse profession in training medics in the Crimean War (1853-56). One of her specialties was potions, and many of their active ingredients remain in commonly practiced […]

Le Fay Order

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Motto: Balance and Bind Area of Expertise: Enchantment and Rituals The origins of the Le Fay Order are shrouded in mystery and controversy. Owing perhaps to being one of the oldest Orders still in existence, no living witchard, nor any reliable written source, seems able to accurately account for where or when it was founded, but legend that it was by the […]

Pickingill Order

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Area of expertise: Beastology Motto: Care and Command Named for its founder, English witchard George Pickingill, the Pickingill Order is famed for its members’ unparallelled expertise in matters relating to beasts both magical and mundane. George Pickingill practiced and perfected his craft in 19th century England, where his unnatural aptitude for animal husbandry came to the attention of even the mundane population, […]