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Avalon has been a seat of learning since at least the 4th century; the subjects that it teaches have not changed much since that time. Hence, some alumni of Avalon struggle with more modern forms of magic. Avalon is a desolate sea fort, on an island shrouded in mist and protected by waves and rocks. However, no one really knows […]

Balt Meddin

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The Balt Meddin Academy in Poland started as a refugee camp in the last decades of the 10th century. Christianity arrived and old beliefs had to go. Holy trees were cut down, groves burned, monuments destroyed. Churches were erected where temples of the Old Gods and Old Magic had been demolished. There were witches and shamans who didn’t want to […]

Collegium Romanum de Auspicio

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Collegium Romanum de Auspicio is an old school. It has stood since the height of the Roman Republic and it has weathered all the wars since then, in the shadows of the eternal city itself – Rome, whereto all roads lead. It is, however, and has always been extremely multicultural – even if it owes a large part of its […]

Escola de Magia en Torré de Belém

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No magical school has seen so many wars as Escola de Magia en Torré de Belém in Southern Europe, and none managed to remain as true to their fundamental goal – teaching magic to anybody who needs it, regardless of their bloodline or the amount of wealth in their family. The school was founded in Lisbon in 1535 by three […]

L’Academie de Magie

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L’Academie Révolutionaire de Magie Franche de Majonie, or “Majonie” for short, was founded by the great scholar and teacher, Alcuin of York and his student, the poet Angilbert, by royal decree of the great Charlemagne himself. Legend has it that Charlemagne’s sword, the Joyeuse, was weaved with spells connecting it to the Academie. The seat of the Academie was originally […]

Nibelungen Institute

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Nibelungen Institute is a merger of three different magical colleges in Germany, namely Akademie Brocken, Nibelungen Hochschule and Universität Königsberg. Students at Nibelungen, as it is often simply called, choose an Institute according to their field of study and they also have shared classes with students from the other Institutes. All three Institutes have had long histories of teaching magic, […]

Stenøya Trolldom Akademiet

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Originally called Stenøya Seminaret, the school was founded in the 15th century by the danish Queen Margaret I. The school is located on a group of stony islands in a great mountain lake in the Trollsheim mountain range, which is magically hidden from mundanes. The school gained a new name, charter and curriculum in the second half of the 1980s, […]

The Hermetic School of Natural Philosophy

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Founded by a witchard famous by the name of Hermes Trismegistos (their real name remains unknown), the Hermetic School was the first school to teach magic as art and science. Some history scholars believe that the tradition of creating magical institutions of learning started in ancient Greece, making the Hermetic School one of the oldest schools in the world. This […]

Witchard Society

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Magic is real in our world. A witchard is someone capable of such magic, from spells and incantations to making magical potions and artefacts. It is also a gender-neutral term for witches, wizards and other spellcasters. In everyday speech, the ability to do magic is called hexblood, even though it doesn’t actually have anything to do with your blood. While it […]

Czocha College of Witchcraft and Wizardry

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The origins of Czocha College of Witchcraft and Wizardry are shrouded in mystery, and over the centuries many versions have existed trying to piece together the past of the castle and its inhabitants. This is the current widely accepted story, though people more versed in the history of the House founders can see that it is not without holes and contradictions. It does, however, include a relatively accurate timeline and capture the relevant events thanks to which the school we know today came to be.