The famed Polish alchemist Michał Sędziwój, also known as Sendivogius, was the last of the Founders of Czocha. He arrived when all the others had gone and revived the school back into its former glory. He chose a phoenix as the symbol of his House – after all, with his guidance Czocha truly rose from the ashes. As a nobleman with a big personality and a lauded academic, his work truly took the witchard society huge leaps forward, and his vigour to change the world still lives on in the Sendivogians of today.

The legacy of Sendivogius later formed the identity of his house. Courage, honour and diplomacy are necessary for any witchard dealing with the great powers in this world–some magical and some not. In the beginning the pupils of Sendivogius also gravitated towards disciplines that could be used in the mundane world. Saber fighting, horse riding and court etiquette were seen as just as important as knowing how to levitate. Some of this ideology still perseveres, especially among the House members from upper-class Polish families. Inspired by their Founder, the House has also had multiple skilled alchemists over the years, and trying out Sendivogian potions and other magical concoctions can be quite an experience.

On the other hand, the ideology of phoenixes and rebirth is deeply rooted in the House culture: Sendivogians have a flair for the dramatic and the heroic, the new and exciting. They also believe in new beginnings and second chances, and no matter what you have done in life, among them you will find a place to try again and become a better version of yourself. Being a Sendivogian means being proud of what you are, always trying again and again until you succeed. This often makes Sendivogius a mixed bunch, with both valiant knights and reckless rebels supporting each other in their quest for greatness.

Values: Courage, Honour, Diplomacy
Symbol: White Phoenix
Colors: Red & Silver
Founder: Michał Sędziwój
Influenced by Polish culture