House Libussa is proud to be the House of the Founder of Czocha, the famous Libussa herself. More a legend than a human even while she was alive, Libussa was known for her rebellious nature and strong will to change the status quo. She brought a revolution with her wherever she went, refusing to see anyone stuck in their old ways. Students sorted in her House still follow her teachings and consider them to be the true creed of Czocha College. Other Houses might boast the deeds of their own Founders, but Libussans know that their own was the first – and that this is their castle.

A certain mischievousness and a sense of wonder are the hallmarks of any good Libussan student, and the House has a predisposition towards gathering a truly unique bunch of individuals every year. It was always said Libussa’s students would rather do things in new and interesting ways than learn how to do them like others did – something that turned out to be both a curse and a blessing. After all, some paths are so well-trodden that it can be hard to stand out and be original. Libussans crave something truly new, something that has not been done before, which always pushes them to be more and more creative and unorthodox in their use of magic. Libussa was also said to be a great seer, and Libussans usually care greatly about their own futures and all the opportunities that are still untapped out there.

The symbol of House Libussa is the Bohemian Lion – the coat of arms of the Czech people, but also a symbol of daring, courage, and power. The roots of the House lie in Czech culture, and it shows – indeed, its Founder had a big part in the creation of said culture. It is said that every Czech is a musician, and many kinds of artists, adventurers and great personalities often find their home in Libussa. It could be said that Libussans fit the modern use of “Bohemians” quite well. But most of all, they take immense pride in doing things in ways that others can only shake their heads at – sometimes in disbelief, but also envy.

Values: Creativity, Daring, Foresight
Symbol: Silver Lion
Colors: Purple & White
Founder: Libuše
Influenced by Czech culture