The famous Doctor Johann Georg von Faust was a mystery to everyone. He created one of the great grimoires of magic and was known as a tireless and dedicated witchard, always in pursuit of knowledge. In Czocha, however, it is a well-known secret that “Faust” was actually two people, the twins Johann and Johanna von Faust. Together they shared the role of “Georg”, and to this day it is unclear which of the famed deeds should be attributed to Johann and which to Johanna. Even those who know the truth of the twins’ existence only refer to them as one unit, Faust.

Faustians on the Lower Bridge.

Every being and every idea exists because somebody believes that it should not cease. At least, that was a cornerstone of Faust’s philosophy, and the same idea still drives the Faustian students at Czocha. The true reason behind Faust’s power is said to have been a deep and true understanding of the nature of this world: if you truly know the inner workings of something, you can also bend it to you will. To Faustians it is obvious that they need to understand not only the world, but also their own strengths and weaknesses, in order to follow in their Founder’s footsteps. Faustians admire productivity and efficiency–sometimes even to the point of ruthlessness. While those individuals tend to strongly color the outsiders’ view of Faust, that is certainly not the whole truth: the House has also produced numerous wise and gentle leaders and respected researchers. Faustians know that there are many different kinds of power, and many different ways to achieve it.

The Faust family was of German descent – some people specify it further and say that they were specifically of Prussian descent, although that is somewhat more contentious. It is certainly not a surprise to anyone that the German spirit suffuses the House, however. The symbol of House Faust is a dragon, inspired by the Dragon of Wawel that Faust allegedly flew several times. Until 1521, the dragon is said to have lived at the nearby castle of Rajsko, on the other side of the lake. No one knows what happened to it, or what may make it reappear.

Values: Knowledge, Power, Ambition
Symbol: Dragon
Colors: Blue & Gold
Founder: Johann & Johanna von Faust
Influenced by German culture