Valor! Diligence!

House motto

The origins of Durentius, the second of the Czocha Founders, are shrouded in mystery. There are numerous stories and legends about their true identity, but they are all in agreement that they were a master of magical creatures, a true revolutionary in the field of Cryptozoology creating many kinds of hybrid beasts and bending even demons to their will. Durentius was an unstoppable force, always giving everything they had, and hard work and strong conviction are still trademarks of any Durentian.

Piotr Twardowski
Durentius prefect

The members of House Durentius are known as productive, outspoken and energetic. They’re the stragglers, the odd ones out, the tenacious underdogs who never give in and never surrender. The Durentians are perhaps seen as misfits and intense, but they are a nation unto themselves, each and every one of them. To be a Durentian is to have bloodied knuckles and to be in the thick of it, all the time, every time. Diligence and valour define life in House Durentius, because if you bother doing something, it must be done all the way. Durentians are not just great students, but striving to be the best there ever was. Not just troublemakers, but epic pranksters for professors to remember in their nightmares years to come.

The House symbol is the magically modified rooster Durentius rode all the way to the moon and back again. Whether the legend refers to the real moon or a symbolic counterpart is still being discussed – even internally in the House. While other students make jokes about the Durentius Rooster, most of the House students are amazingly proud of their symbol, referring to it whenever it’s possible. It’s a great symbol of the Durentians and their Founder, after all – who else would be audacious enough to ride a common rooster to the moon?

Values: Valour, Diligence, Audacity
Symbol: Rooster
Colors: Orange & Brown
Founder: Durentius
Influenced by Silesian culture