About Witchards Society

Witchards Society is a non-profit association registered in Denmark.

Meet the teams

It takes a lot of work to run the events we run, and it is only possible due to so many dedicated people.

College of Wizardry

Laura Sirola (lead producer), David Norris (producer), Karolina Fairfax (story lead), Jan Rozek (helper coordinator), Iryt Kraus (head of scenography).

Bothwell School of Witchcraft

Holly Hatton Baldwin (lead producer), Andrew Russell (lead producer).


Liselle Awwal (creative director), Laura Sirola (lead producer), Karolina Fairfax (head of cast), Iryt Kraus (head of scenography, Simon Brind (story lead), John Shockley (lore writer).

Thalenberg: Institut des Verlorenen

Paula Kurii (lead producer), David Pusch (producer), Charlie O. Knuepp (story lead), Tony Bornefeld-Ettman (helper coordinator), Stefan Deutsch (writer).

Association Board

Thomas Mertz, chairman
Laura Sirola, board member
David Norris, board member
Holly Baldwin, board member
Paula Kurii, board member

And everyone else …

Nadina Dobrowolska, Przemysław Jendroska, Maciek Nitka, Iulian Dinu, Adam Jędrysik, Christina Molbech, Petr Luba, Kamil Wędzicha, Kaja Skorzyńska, Aleksander Krzystyniak, John-Paul Bichard, Liselle Awwal, Abi Laurel, Toivo Voll, Zuzanna Marzec, Agata Świstak, Edin Jancovic Šumar, Lisa Wolfrum, Lars Bundvad, Aleksandra Hedere Ososińska, Freja Gyldenstrøm, Charles Bo Nielsen, Dominik Dracan Dembinski, Karsten Dombrowski and, last but absolutely not least, Christopher Sandberg.

A brief history of our magic

Starting in 2014 College of Wizardry become the catalyst that forged the Witchards Universe.


The first College of Wizardry runs

A team of Polish and Danish larpers join forces and create a larp that became a pivotal moment for a lot of people.



Bothwell is founded

In England, Cameron and Stuart found Bothwell School of Witchcraft at Herstmonceaux Castle in Hailsham.



Save College of Wizardry

After the collapse of Dziobak Larp Studios, Christopher Sandberg steps in to save College of Wizardry, successfully running a crowdfunding campaign to run two cancelled events.



Bothwell comes home

Originally started as a spinoff in its own world, Bothwell joins the Witchards Universe and work starts to bring it fully into the fold.



Thalenberg is announced

Kicking off the new association is our newest event for the German-speaking members of our community.
Expanding the game universe and inviting players to help shape the traditions of a new school at its inaugural run.



Witchards Society is founded

Making good on promises made during the Save College of Wizardry campaign the stewardship of College of Wizardry, Bothwell School of Witchcraft, Thalenberg: Institut des Verlorenen and WereWar is given to the community in the form of Witchards Society.