One of the largest Orders is the Rosencrantz Order, also known as the Order of the Golden Rose. Founded by Dame Charlott Rosencrantz in the 14th century, it remains a nod to the time where Knights were appointed to uphold magical law. In her time, Charlott was one of the Guardian Order’s most prominent Regulators, with strong virtues of honour and humility she guided Witchard Society through times of trouble. Upon her death, her firstborn took over the Order and since then, the leadership of the order has been passed down from generation to generation of Rosencrantz witchards. It is rumoured that the tragic fate of one of Charlott’s descendants inspired a character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

With the outbreak of the WereWar, the Rosencrantz Order has been tasked with training new Guardians. Some suspect that this was a political move to keep the Rosencrantz family away from the high command of the Guardian Order, where their virtues might get in the way of doing what must be done to win the war. However, the Rosencrantz bide their time, knowing that with the ranks of their Order being bolstered, they will retake their foothold in the Guardian Order to do what is right.

Members of the Rosencrantz Order are trained as Guardians to uphold the law and order of magical society. They also learn the ancient art of Runic Magic, binding magic within inscriptions and writings, specializing in runes of detainment to secure prisoners and inhibit magical abilities. In times of war, they are taught to fight with combat magic to take charge and to lead in the midst of battle. With the strong virtues of the Order, the Guardian students are also prepared to make hard moral decisions, because the Order knows that war brings suffering, and in the face of battle, decisions of life and death become nearly impossible.