‘The Lady with the Lamp’, Florence Nightingale, broke the Tradition of Word by practising magic in front of Mundanes while paving the way for the nurse profession in training medics in the Crimean War (1853-56). One of her specialities was potions, and many of their active ingredients remain in commonly practised modern medicine. Charged with violating the Treaty of Avalon, she was brought before the Regulators of the Guardian Orders to face justice, but as she had cunningly avoided discovery during her work, wound up fully pardoned, and drafted to build the Order of Healers named for her.

Members of Nightingale are trained especially in the use of medicinal, alchemical and herbal concoctions. Highly sought after as healers during violent conflicts for their ability to set up and maintain sanitary facilities in the field, Nightingales are driven and focused, though primarily on others.

Potions are not the only tool employed by the association, which also teaches its members advanced forms of blood magic, imminently effective in healing, though in desperate times these practices are whispered to sometimes be employed towards other, more sinister uses than mending the body.