The newest among the orders is Artemis, named after the technomancer Gereon Artemis, who pioneered the combination of magic and modern technology. A few years after the founding of the Order, its founder was shunned for his “progressive experiments” with non-human subjects; as a result, Gereon went into exile. It is rumoured that in these final years, Gereon studied the physiological results of using magic; however, his final work was never released. Now presumed dead, he has left a blurred legacy of a genius mind who would let nothing stand in the way of his research.

After the outbreak of the war, this Order has found new ground and more funding has come its way, as many Artemis inventions have been put to use by the Guardian Order. Nowadays, Artemis is home to both members who share the single-minded fervour of their founder, as well as members who distance themselves from Gereon’s morality and look for progress in compromise.

This Order is for those who work with the magic of objects and prophetic predictions. Its members are taught to bind spells in art and to combine mechanical or digital systems with intricate magical matrices to craft complex technomancy artefacts. They read omens and prophecies in patterns they see in the world around them, but looking through time is only one step behind altering it. Some suspect that the inner secrets of Artemis are actually founded in Chronomancy.