The Faculty

The faculty of Czocha consists of the Head of School, 12 Professors, and usually a number of supporting staff, including Assistant Professors, a Head Guardian, and a Janitor. Most professors also function as House Monitors who advise and guide the members of a specific House, often the one they themselves were once members of.

Headmaster Landsvik and his ragtag faculty.

As diverse as the students they reign over, faculty members come from all walks of magical life. From ancient hexborn Professor of Runic Magic to recently graduated temp Herbology professor, they all have their own motivations and ambitions. Some are benign caregivers who want to see their students grow and excel. Others might put their personal agendas before their vocations. After all, what is one more unfortunate student disintegration if it means acquiring a vial of phoenix tears for one’s own private experiments?

One thing that is (usually) undisputed is their authority over the student body. Only faculty members can award or deduct house points, give out hall passes, or hand out detention slips. Furthermore, it goes without saying that their magical skills are far beyond those of their students.

Magical Theory class in the Library

Whether sinners or saints, the influence the faculty have on their students cannot be overstated. They set the tone of academic life at Czocha, and are to a very large extent responsible for the success and safety of the aspiring witchards placed in their care. When the winners of the yearly House Cup hold their speech from the balcony of the Knights’ Hall, it is also to the credit of the Professors who have guided them.