Chapter One

Quests and Missions

After dark, the forest and the upper courtyard may be used to represent places that are ‘not Czocha’. Players may be sent on quests or missions that will be started when they pass through the portal to the other place. If the gates are closed to the forest or the upper courtyard this means that a quest or mission is underway or being prepared. If the gates are closed, please leave them closed.

Paths and Specialisation

Your character studies a particular path of magic and will join an Order with its own specialisms. It is more fun for everyone if you play on your character’s particular areas of specialism and knowledge rather than being an expert in all forms of magic. For example, if you are a Guardian, skilled in runes and magical defence you are probably not a world-class curse breaker or an expert in healing spells. This creates play. Remember we are making a story together so if you are injured, call for a healer rather than fixing it yourself; ask yourself ‘how can I bring others into this story?’