The Northcott Gala

Welcome to the Orchid Cottage! I see you brought your partner; and the children, too. I am sure you will all enjoy this weekend getaway full of lavish fun and extravagant enjoyment. Please pay no mind to the servant, they are of mundane heritage. At least they know how to clean a coat properly. Do come in, the banquet is served.”

As September comes rolling around, so does the anniversary of the deaths of Dahlia and Daisy Northcott, who lost their lives to the island of Avalon. In their honour, their parents are organizing the annual benefit to raise money for their hospital: The Northcott Gala. Many wealthy witchards make their way to Shropshire to take part in exciting activities, to socialize with others from their class, and to spend a lot of money in the process. Under all the chatter and laughter, one can hardly hear the roaring thunder whispering tales of things lurking in the shadows. 

The Northcott Gala is a four-day larp event set in the magical world of College of Wizardry. Instead of taking place at a school for magic, adult witchards of the wealthiest and most hexborn heritage gather in one of the family estates. The main themes for this game are Family & Tradition, Wealth & Privilege, Discrimination & Politics and, of course, Magic. Inspiration comes from the Victorian Upstairs-Downstairs structure, with a strong focus on the difference between those of high class and their servants. 

Practical Info

Dates: September 1st to 4th, 2022

Location: Haidburg, Süderlügum, Northern Germany

Upstairs Ticket Price: 200 Euro

Downstairs Ticket Price: 140 Euro

Organised by: Mila Müller & Andrew Russell

Questions? Concerns? Write us an email at [email protected]


This is a fan created spinoff, and Witchards and The company P makes no guarantees with regards to this event. For any questions, concerns or comments please contact the organisers of the event via the email above.