College of Wizardry 26: Back to the Roots


March 14-17, 2024
Czocha Castle, Poland

Join an all-inclusive immersive magic school event set at a breathtaking castle. Long weekend overnight stay at the castle, all meals and hot drinks included. Go to class, encounter magical beings and experience amazing special effects. Robe and house tie provided, bring your wand!

You can read more about what to expect here!

College of Wizardry explores everyday life at a magic school, with all the relations and fantastic adventures that holds.

Early Bird pricing runs until sold out or September 4th, whichever comes first.

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March 14-17, 2024
Czocha Castle, Poland
Head of School: Mila Fae Müller as Wanda O’Tattletell
Lead Producer: Laura Sirola and David Norris

I, Wanda O’Tattletell, the proud headmistress of our beloved institution, am pleased to welcome you all back to our magical campus, or greet you warmly if this is your first year here. In that case, I am sure you too will soon feel right at home. I can assure you that our school is not just any old garden-variety college. Our college has nurtured countless witchards, helping them to flourish into the fullness of their magical potential. Whether you’re a returning student or a new one, we’re excited to have you be a part of our sprouting community.

You can read more about what to expect here!

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