Bothwell House Sorting


You arrive home after a long day, what do you do to unwind?

You're going on vacation, what type of getaway would you choose?

Would you rather...?

Choose one of the following enchanted items

You're walking around the school alone and you stumble across a dark passageway that definitely wasn't there yesterday. Do you..

I prefer to do things ...

You're shown your possible futures by a strange creature in the forest. It says you must choose a future before you can pass.

When you're procrastinating from your magical history, you're...

You come across two seniors bullying a junior. You're a junior yourself, do you...

Would you rather...?

What would you say is your best skill?

When I'm stuck I ask for help from friends...

Pick a drink from the tavern

You notice one of your fellow students has cheated on a beastology exam and they have received a higher grade than you. What do you do?

Choose a word

You're in a heated argument with a fellow student and you know you're right. Do you...

You're under a lot of pressure during your witchcraft exams. Which best describes your actions?

It's your birthday at the castle! How would you celebrate.

Bothwell House Sorting
House Boyeswick

Members of Boyeswick house are chosen for their bravery, loyalty, passion and adventurous spirit. They are fiercely dedicated and will go to great lengths to defend their friends. The colours for House Boyeswick are deep blue and gold, representing his loyalty and relationship with the crown. The motto is “Fortis” which translates to Brave.
House Wisenforth

Wisenforths are known for their sharp wit and cool temperaments. While a keen intellect is often associated with cynicism, Wisenforths are generally optimistic and generous; their friends feel warmed by their company. The emerald green and silver house colours embody Brianne’s healing background and affinity with the earth. The motto “Sapiens” means wise.
House Tabwen

Tabwens are known for their astuteness, charm, cunning and independence. While independent souls, Tabwens can be quite relaxed about life (and the rules) and their innate ability to tell what someone’s thinking can make them a fine companion. The colours of House Tabwen, purple and gold, characterise Olwenna’s high regard with the crown using the colours associated with royalty. The motto “Callidus” means cunning.
House MacNewthorn

MacNewthorns are known for their introversion, ambition, creativity and hardworking nature. Less boisterous than their friends in Boyeswick, MacNewthorns prefer to operate behind the scenes. Their ambition and hard work often see them in positions of power, even if they’re not the face of the operation. To represent the high ambition and silver tongue of Montague, the house colours are crimson and silver. The motto of House MacNewthorn is “Furtivus” which means clandestine.

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