What to Expect

‘The Oxford University of Magic: The Conclave’ live-action roleplay event tells the story of the first Conclave of Witchards, Sorcerers, and Spellcasters to be held in over a century. Over the course of a magical weekend, prominent communities and organisations from across the Witchard world send a delegation to represent them at The Conclave, and you can join them . . ..

Each delegation has its own identity, morals, themes, goals, and objectives – You can read more about The delegations present in this game here.  Each delegation will host practical workshops and demonstrations to teach others their magic or display their research.  The delegates will judge the academic conclusions and theories of others to award points for The Prospero Prize.  There will also be competitions, magical duels, discussions, debates, poetry, and performances – points may also be awarded for these. The Conclave is not merely an academic and aesthetic showcase, it is an opportunity to discuss significant matters, network with other Witchards, and to settle inter-conflux disputes.  Witchard politics and magical intrigue always bubbling beneath the surface at The Conclave. There are secrets here; there are scandals, and there are mysteries to uncover. 

OUM Players Handbook cover
Read the OUM Players Handbook here!

There are three main ways for a Witchard to display their magical knowledge and excellence, which are known as ‘tracks’ – these are known as Aesthetics, Academia, and Dominion. Characters can follow one or more of these three tracks to demonstrate their magic, artistic talent, and/or political skill.  More information about the tracks can be found in the Players’ Handbook. In addition to acting upon these three tracks, you should expect the unexpected. After all, when delegations come together the mixing of their magic attracts many strange beings and beasts both malevolent and benign, and forces far beyond the wit and understanding of mundane minds. You might meet representatives of the Guardian Order, Scheming Faeries, Dangerous witchards from other confluxes, demons and goblins, dreams and shadows.

The game ends on Saturday night with a Celebration Ball where the winner of The Prospero Prize is revealed and custodianship of Merlin’s Ring is awarded to the winning Delegation – and by extension, its home “Conflux”, – for the next year.

OUM is a partial-sandbox larp, which means that while there will be plots created and led by the organisers, you’re also free, and encouraged, to bring in your own stories and adventures; we will help to facilitate these.  We aim for a collaborative play style where everyone is free to choose the kind of experience they’re most interested in, and everyone supports the play of others.  Whether you’re playing a professor interested in sharing academic prowess, a social butterfly in it for the networking opportunities, a Were in need of allies, or a technomancy enthusiast keen on demonstrating all that technology has to offer the magical world, there are opportunities for character development, story arc, and the unravelling of secrets for you.

During the larp you will take on the role of one of the delegates selected by one of the powerful academic institutions of Witchard society to attend The Conclave.  We will guide you in the creation of a character – your magical alter ego in this world.  Whether you play a professor, a researcher, or a student, a conflux leader, a guardian, or a spy, you will have your own agenda to follow, with your own secrets.   During the game every activity is opt-in; you will be able to pick and choose which track (or tracks) interest you most.  Some characters will be interested in magic and learning, some in the arts and performance, others in politics, and many will be interested in many or all of these;  the choice is yours.

So pack a wand, and join us, as we tell a new magical story together, at The Oxford University of Magic …