The Foundation

Wychwood Foundation for Xenobiological Pathology

It is not against the rules if no one important complains


The Wychwood Foundation is yet another research group set up with a trust from old money, but at least this one has its name on the door.   The Wychwood family have largely been at war with themselves for hundreds of years, so it is difficult to tell whether they are a progressive force for good or a terminal blight on the Witchard World.   If it were clear which of the Wychwood siblings were behind this venture it may be easier to tell.  

Suffice it to say that The Foundation is interested in those lifeforms who originate from elsewhere: Demons, the undead, and the Fae. This places their research firmly into the area of The Bound Arts, those fields of magic specifically outlawed by the Treaty of Avalon. Clearly, the faculty and students of the Foundation are not necromancers and demonologists, nor are they engaged in bargaining with the denizens of Faerie and the Dreaming, for that would be dangerous and illegal.  Even so, to ensure the safety of reality they are heavily moderated, licensed, and observed by representatives of the Guardian Order and even the Regulators.  Because of the dangers associated with their work, their research is rarely shared, so this Conclave will be particularly exciting for everyone.


The constant supervision and surveillance seem to make some members of the foundation a little jumpy.   Surely this is the reason why they sit with their backs to the wall and often stare – in horror – into the shadows.   They are a secretive lot, prone to whispered conversations and bargains made in corners.  They tend towards practical, dark coloured clothing because it does not show blood, bile or ectoplasm.  You can often spot one from the chalk dust on their shoes, or the forbidden tomes clutched tightly.   Sunglasses indoors, and protective amulets are also popular.