The Coven

Midsummer Coven

We earn the flowers in our hair


Born at the dawn of the age of Aquarius, the Midsummer Coven is an outlier in the world of academia because it draws its roots from the mundane counterculture.  Witchards drawn to the free love and free drugs of the 60s and 70s – psychonauts, and spiritual explorers who claimed to have learned The Truth with a capital T – but then in ways that only Witchards could set out to prove or disprove those visions revealed in the summer sunshine.

It would be easy to write off the Midsummer Coven as itinerant hippies on one mushroom trip too many, but this opinion would be both dated, and ill-advised.   As research alchemists, and investigators of traditional rites they are second to none.  The Midsummer Coven has a political as well as an academic agenda, and that is to save the world and all life within it, by any means necessary.   Their attitudes and methods remain true to their radical roots.

Rumours abound that the founders of the Coven died during an experimental rite. Over the years there have been high profile resignations and subsequent disappearances of senior faculty members which seem to coincide with Solar Eclipses., Surely these were all unhappy coincidences rather than anything more sinister?


The Midsummer Coven does not have a uniform, but if it did then it would be mid-20th century counter-culture clothing for faculty, and white clothes with flower crowns for the students.