The Collectors

The Arrok Trantiforus Memorial Library

Books are the best weapon in the world. 


One of the most contentious issues in the history of inter-conflux relations has been around the ownership of and access to magical knowledge.   After all, knowledge is power and if one Conflux became too powerful then the relative peace that exists between them could fail.   Thus one of the outcomes of The Peace of Phalsbourg in 1801 was the foundation of a library that would collect and protect books, scrolls, grimoires, and other magical writings for and on behalf of all Witchards.   Named after a great Witchard scholar, sorcerer, and one-time headmaster of Czocha, the location of the library is hidden; its stacks protected by wards and seals as strong as any bank vault.   To gain access, a Witchard writes a letter, care of the Council of Regulators, and they receive an appointment to view their requested research material, accompanied by one or more representatives of the Library

The Library, of course, has its own research staff, engaged in the life-long study of ancient and dangerous texts.  They also employ operatives who scour auctions and collections for those works which should not be in mundane hands.  

The Library boasts scholars of ancient lore, and also theorists at the very cutting edge of magical thought.  They are searching for the source of magic through the written word and the idea.   Some would say that they guard their secrets too jealously and that they have become jailers of knowledge rather than its librarians.


The Forbidden Library is not a place of dust and silence.   You are likely to encounter theorists passionately discussing how magic works or you may encounter their Combat Archeologists, drinking tea after a dangerous mission to excavate a lost tomb or to retrieve a book of spells bound in human skin from the locked library of a media tycoon.   Whilst the former seem to favour gothic attire, the latter is prone to tweed and combat boots.