The Academy

Libussa Academy of Ritual and Performance 

“People have so much pain inside them that they’re not even aware of.”


House Libussa at Czocha College of Witchcraft and Wizardry has long been associated with unorthodox creativity.  Some 20th-century graduates of Libussa went on to fund The Libussa Academy (affectionately known as “The Academy”, or “Rats and Pins”) which specialises in understanding the performative nature of ritual magic and the magical nature of performance.  They are a small research group whose methods are radical.  They are often found in and around fringe mundane cultures, particularly associated with Cabaret and Performance.   Their published work has been rare, yet groundbreaking.   The Academy publishes as a collective, so no single author is identified, and their magical workings tend to be ensemble pieces of participatory ritual where everyone and anyone is brought in to take part. 

Their recent research has been into the links between identity and magic with members creating new ritual personae for themselves or swapping identities with one another in order to unlock hidden potential.

It is alleged that various mundane musicians, poets and writers have been inducted into the Academy over the years,  However, despite investigations from the Guardian Order, nothing has ever been proven about this blatant breach of the Traditions.


The Academy has a reputation for louche degeneracy; some of their parties have achieved legendary status with tales of outrage and excess that make even the otherwise progressive Witchard society shocked and wide-eyed.

Their dress tends to be flamboyant or formal; they reject clothing conventions, fashions, symmetry