Safer larping anytime & everywhere

In the ongoing pandemic, we’re putting safety first by introducing all-new experiences that can be played online, at home, and for small groups of friends.

We’ve created the Witchards Society, an online community for roleplaying which will be open year-round. We’re also releasing a Stay Safe Larp Kit, for personal protection equipment and larping gear themed for magic homeschooling. And we’re introducing smaller drop-in larps at a new 15th century home for witchards—The First House.

While we all wait to come back to the castles, our Covid-19 safety strategy is applied across the board. It includes all our storylines, College of Wizardry Classic and Bothwell, and with an alternative option for all you WereWar players who have been waiting so patiently for far too long.

There are lots of specifics to figure out together in the coming months. For now, read on for pics and more information. Stay Safe. People are Magic!

Special thanks to Alice for the witchard photo shoot, and to Dawid Chalimoniuk & Horseradish. And to CJ, Toivo, Martin, Laura and Jamie for proofreading and notes.

Introducing The First House, a month-long drop-in larp for about twenty players at a time. Set at a limestone house with its origins in the 15th century, secluded on the French countryside.

Dates and details for 2021 to be announced!

Large-scale weekend castle larps are not possible right now, so instead we are launching a month-long series of smaller larps. You will be able to book several days’ overnight stay during the month.

Legend has it that the first-ever conflux to form a magical house for the studious witchards was in the ancient kingdom of Aquitaine. As a matter of fact, the ruinous remains of the school are still there, next to a 15th century farm, and the place is occupied by witchards to this day.

The First House founders were druids, and their descendants continue to run the estate. The progenitor is immortalised with a statue at the entrance to the house.

Barely visible on the stone pedestal are carved the words “Ëuve Debes” (aquitainian and latin). Loosely translated this means “rejoice in the bacchanal,” a reference to the Roman rituals once said to have been performed here.

Soon this house will be the site of great turmoil as witchards of all ages from Czocha, Bothwell and other faraway confluxes gather to handle a deeply secret matter of utmost importance.

College of Wizardry – The First House is a new original larp event series set in the world of Witchards Society. Details to be announced—suffice to say what transpires there impacts witchards and magical beings in the neighbouring confluxes!

Ticket included in the alternative option available for WereWar players.

Check out the photos of The First House below!

The Witchards Society is a new, members-only community. It provides a safe place to larp online and share everything about our magical reality. The subscription will cost about the same as a fancy cup of coffee a month, and go directly to help fund all our creative development. Read on about the key parts of Witchards Society.

Release date for 2020 to be announced!


We’re over the moon (and back again) to be able to announce Whispers, a new social media space for your characters to live. The platform is created in collaboration with Oddity Industries, and if you are familiar with Kin you’ll recognise the basics!

We’re introducing persistent online campaigns for all members on Whispers. You’ll be able to be in-character ahead of our destination events and throughout the year.

We’d love to invite you players to help define the lore. As a member, you will be able to create local confluxes, and help sketch out the map of the magical world. In addition, we’re creating a text-based game, “Adventures,” Written by Karolina Fairfax, where you create and explore new magical places.


Members will have access to limited edition merchandise, as well as free and special edition downloadable experiences for playing at home and to bring with you to larps.

One exciting upcoming experience is “Hexblood” (working title), a freeform tabletop and larp system developed with Avalon Larp Studio and USC Games. The alpha tester version of this will soon be going to our backers (unfortunately many months delayed in part by the current crisis). We are also developing what we lovingly call “Pamphlet games”—smaller scenarios so you can stage your own mini-larps.


As a member you will also get sneak releases of tickets and special invitations. One such members event is a Witchards Summit. We want this to be an off-game chance to meet your house friends and magical enemies outside of the larps, to discuss and develop Witchards Society and future storylines and experiences together. First summit to be announced as soon as the situation allows.


As a member, you also have a persistent profile on our character system Crucible. All of your characters will be accessible, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll be cast directly without waiting when you book a new event (first come first serve).

We will also introduce a Witchards Passport with stamps and tokens for all conflux travel—more about that on launch day!

Six Months Free included in
the WereWar alternative option.

We’re bringing the magic school to you! Our Stay Safe Larp kit makes it safer to play at home, over video, and with smaller groups of friends.

Details and release date for 2020, to be announced!

Just because we’re all such goody-two-wands that want to go to school right now, we’ve created a kit for you to do your witchard homework too. Get ready in style for the next telepresence magic class. The kit is also perfect for smaller local larps with your friends.

We’ve researched personal protection equipment and are putting together witchard themed gear. The kit will be available in House editions, with face masks and other items in your favourite colours. A Special Edition WereWar Kit will also be available.

We’re also gathering a lot of other gear, such as in-game potion bottle with hand sanitiser, glowspectors and more.

And we’re putting in digital source books and guides for how to make your own confluxes and stories.

There are lots of details to be sorted, and we aim at lower cost and more premium options to choose from.

The alternative option offered to WereWar players includes the WereWar Special Edition Kit (or version of your choosing).

Image concept for inspiration, content of the kit to be announced once all Covid-19 items are sourced.

The community has shown tremendous loyalty and support in the face of the current crisis. We can’t express our gratitude enough! We are offering all WereWar players, both from Czocha and Bothwell, an equal value alternative to waiting further for the postponed events.

It will take time before the pandemic is under control, and may even brings us into 2022 until a larger castle event can be scheduled and produced safely. Therefore we are now offering the Covid-19 designed experiences as a complete packaged alternative to all WereWar players.

A shop item will be automatically set up for each and every one of you. Or, if you prefer to wait until after the pandemic, your booking for WereWar will remain for the postponed event (no action needed).

  • 6 months pre-paid to Witchards Society
  • A ticket to The First House
  • The WereWar Edition Stay Safe Kit

The package includes a ticket to The First House larp in 2021. Not to give away any spoilers, but the premiere event is written as an important milestone for the WereWar and for all witchards.

The package also includes a six months pre-paid subscription to Witchards Society, with Whispers, Crucible with your legacy characters, and all other member experiences.

Finally, you receive the Premium WereWar Edition Stay Safe Kit (or version of your choosing), to be shipped to you.

Further details have already been emailed to you. If you haven’t received it, check your spam filter, or you may have unsubscribed to our updates. If you have any questions, please contact us.

We hope this brings you the magic we all long for, despite the challenges we are all facing.



In March of 2020, all operations halted to help limit the spread of Covid-19. The venues closed down too, forcing two of our events to be postponed in compliance with international regulations and recommendations on travel and gatherings. We are now finally able to offer safe alternatives to all our players.


While assessing ways forward, we paused our public events, focusing on development. During summer, the team has worked intensely on creating the experiences described below, to be ready to launch safe and fun magic despite the ongoing situation.

We ask for your understanding for any delays in managing the help desk at this time.


Events of a hundred+ people are not safe, and it may stay that way for the foreseeable future. Our community has asked us to not schedule events until the situation is under control. With second waves and the upcoming flu season, that may take us into late spring next year before we can even announce potential dates for the larger castle events. There is no telling when a vaccine may be readily available. As a consequence, the earliest likely time for the castle larps is 2022, unless something changes dramatically for the better in the coming six months. Therefore, we have created some amazing alternative experiences in three new categories—online larping, kits for larping at home or local events with friends, and a string of smaller drop-in larps.


We are exploring dates with both Czocha and Bothwell castle for 2022, in anticipation of the pandemic possibly being under control at least half a year in advance, for players and crew to be able to prepare. However, knowing that this wait is not ideal, we are also offering WereWar players all our experiences as an equal value alternative.


Most hard costs, including castle rent, accommodation, food and beverage had to be paid out, as the lockdown occurred just ahead of the events. We of course also pay our crew for all the work to make the events in the first place, as well as give support during lockdown. Currently, our castle venues are implementing higher rates (up to 40% increase, due to the new realities to host guests safely).


To overcome this, our entire team volunteers all work this year and next, until things are sustainable again. LiselleMade is donating work for the Stay Safe Kits. P also continues to perform all work at no cost, and to support financially as much as it can, to keep things moving while everything is in lockdown. Sandberg has secured access to a 15th century house from a historical foundation. Things naturally move much slower, but we are seeing a lot of great progress. Together this has ensured that we can produce and offer the concepts presented here, even with the added challenges.


All of this is made possible in part because a foundation has opened up a cultural heritage venue for us. This allows us to create Covid-19 adjusted larps next year (2021). The place is located on the French countryside, an hour and a half away from Bordeaux, and dates back to the 15th century.

The old building needs some artisan restoration and care, and we are planning for a retreat early next year. It’s fully functioning with open fireplaces, running hot and drinking water, electricity, shower and toilet and a gas stove kitchen with fridge and freezer. And a small wine cellar (for all the Port faculty is bound to sneak in).

The vision is to create a persistent home for smaller, recurring magic larps all through the year. With nine guest bedrooms, about twenty players can to stay and larp at a time. In the future this may grow as it becomes safe to do so. And we can make it a sort of permanent witchards house! The place will be available for months at a time, making it easier for players to larp when their schedule allows.