WereWar Chapter One Early Arrival

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If you would like to experience the magic of Czocha Castle at your own pace, a day or more before the event begins, we offer the Early Arrival Ticket. Perhaps an extra day would make your travel arrangements less stressful, perhaps you want to hang out with other witchards and explore the secret passageways and get a proper picture on the bridge without having to worry about werewolves.
As a bonus, we will have planned events for ticket holders, including:
  • Tuesday: Pre-party in the Tavern. The first drink is on us!
  • Wednesday: Thomas the Technomancer will pick a movie for Library Movie Night. Bring your blankets and onesies, we’ll provide the snacks.
There are a number of spectacular sights to see near the castle, along the Kwisa river or in nearby Leśna, and the crew will be having dinner at the Green Hearth restaurant at least once before the rest of the participants arrive on Thursday.Come help us warm up the castle. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Be aware that Early Arrivals will have to provide their own transport to and from the venue.
Our bus from Berlin only drives to and from on the dates specified, and you cannot combine the two.

Early Arrival includes breakfast, but does not include dinner. We highly recommend The Green Hearth in Leśna. The restaurant at the castle is also reasonably decent.

Purchasing a ticket means you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted our terms and conditions and our code of conduct.

Additional information

Arrival Day

Tuesday (22.03.2022), Wednesday (23.03.2022)