College of Wizardry WereWar – Chapter One


Join an all-inclusive immersive magic school event set at a breathtaking castle. Long weekend overnight stay at the castle, all meals and hot drinks included. Go to class, encounter magical beings and experience amazing special effects. Robe, house tie provided, bring your wand!

Be the hero of a shared story, created with thousands of fans from all over the World. The WereWar Special explores a darker storyline and the price of magic!

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March 24-27, 2022, Czocha, Poland
Head of School by Jamie MacDonald
Directed by Liselle Awwal
Lead Producer Robin Steen

The WereWar stand-alone storyline is a darker spin on College of Wizardry. An all-new more grim take on Witchard Society and the world of magic.

On the surface, the professors uphold a sense of normalcy for the students, far away from the magic war raging across Europe. Soon enough combative forces encroach upon the castle, upending the status quo. There will be a strong direction for all characters to build the WereWar experience.

Find out what happens when the escalating conflict between witchards and magical beings pull the school into the war effort as a field hospital.

This event is the first chapter in a persistent storyline. Chapter Two takes place at Bothwell School of Witchcraft in the UK.

We welcome both new and returning players, and each event stands as its own full experience. These runs will be more emotionally challenging, with adult themes as an intrinsic part of the event, and opportunities for physical action as well.

Jamie MacDonald finally returns to Czocha, to lead staff and students through these difficult times as Headmaster.

If you like to explore more normal life and drama at magic school, check out the Classic event!

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