24th Classic College of Wizardry


Join an all-inclusive immersive magic school event set at a breathtaking castle. Long weekend overnight stay at the castle, all meals and hot drinks included. Go to class, encounter magical beings and experience amazing special effects. Robe, house tie provided, bring your wand!

The College of Wizardry Classic explores everyday life at a magic school, with all the relations and fantastic adventures that holds.

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October 20-23, 2022, Czocha, Poland
Head of School by Alice de ste Croix
Lead Producer Thomas Mertz

We’re excited to announce Alice de Ste Croix will be playing the role of Headmistress Dorothy Goodwand, more affectionately known as ‘Granny Dot’ has been custodian of the school for, well, ages. No one is quite sure how long, or how old she is, and are too embarrassed to ask now.
Her kindly yet firm demeanor have rippled out into a warm and lively school culture, where as long as you can prove there’s ‘educational value’ in bending the rules, you’re okay. This is done through obtaining a ‘Mischief Mandate’ where authorisation for less respectable activities can be gained through written permission of a professor. But breaking school rules has consequences, and badly behaved students names end up on the ‘Misbehaved Board’ where reputations can be ruined, detentions given, and the house with the most people on it by the end of first day will receive a mass house detention.
The start of this school year brings with it the usual social dramas, heartbreaks and studying, but on top of that the professors at Czocha know something is a little different. Reports from the Guardian Order tell of entities, creatures from across the veil, which feed off magic, being drawn towards one of the most magical places in the witchard world: Czocha Castle.
Granny is not worried about much, moths eating her favourite cardigan, running out of digestive biscuits, and dark entities feeding off the magic of Czocha, again; and as there’s a hole in one of her favourite cardigans, this could be a difficult start to the year.
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