23rd College of Wizardry Classic


Join an all-inclusive immersive magic school event set at a breathtaking castle. Long weekend overnight stay at the castle, all meals and hot drinks included. Go to class, encounter magical beings and experience amazing special effects. Robe, house tie provided, bring your wand!

The College of Wizardry Classic explores everyday life at a magic school, with all the relations and fantastic adventures that holds.

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March 5-8, 2020, Czocha, Poland
Head of School by Mia Devald Kyhn
Lead Producer Robin Steen

Headmistress Celestyna Wolska welcomes you to a new semester of magic studies!

The focus of this run is school life riddled with the hierarchies that govern Witchard Society.

We dive into the drama of school life, rather than fantastic events, in a setting where blood status is of vital importance. This run explores the inequalities in a magical culture deeply rooted in legacies and hexism. The characters in this event are foremost human students and professors. If you’re looking for more fantastic beings, check out the WereWar event!

At college you can shape your future, but will you be able to escape your background? Will you strive to uphold the hierarchy that has been shaped by the generations before you? Or do you dream of breaking the mold? Can you live up to your family’s expectations? Will you be trampled by the prejudices of your peers?

The hope is to create an environment that lends itself well to play on rivalries and ambitions, whether you want to be a hexborn princess or a mundaneborn activist. Status, reputation and traditions are at the forefront. The vision is a run that provides plenty of
opportunities for magic studies and school play, and the tension between students. The ones fighting to climb the ladder as well as those who desperately want to maintain the position they have. Join Mia Devald Kyhn, as she brings this vision of relationship drama to Czocha!