The Order of Helpers

Being a Helper at a Witchards event is immensely fun, and you’ll make friendships that will last a lifetime. It is hard work, but you experience the events from an entirely different angle. We highly encourage everyone to consider joining our Helper community.

So what does it mean to be a Helper?

  • Become part of the world of College of Wizardry 
    As a volunteer, you will see the world of CoW from a completely new perspective. You will meet amazing people and co-create an amazing experience along with them, gaining a unique behind-the-scenes peek at the goings-on. And after all is said and done, there’s an epic after-party that you simply must take part in!
  • Go on a real-life adventure 
    Joining our Witchards family means being welcomed to the world of magic and awe. You help us build a magical experience after which, as our players say, life can never be the same.
  • Live many lives 
    Colloquially known as an NPC, you will be part of Supporting Cast for the game, with one core recurring role to play over the span of the event and several smaller roles in the meantime. You will be able to co-create your Supporting Character with the Coordinators and thus contribute to the ever-expanding world of Witchards as well as to the players’ experience.
  • Co-create 
    Following up on the previous point – give us your ideas! Employ your creativity, brainstorm with other volunteers and help us create an unforgettable experience for our players – and for us as well! Being a volunteer at a Witchards event isn’t a chore, it’s a collaborative experience in storytelling and we want your ideas!
  • Free entertainment 
    You don’t have to buy a ticket to the event, or pay for anything other than your transport to and from the venues.
  • Food and lodgings 
    The food and accommodation is on us – you just show up, give us your enthusiasm and your help with the event, and we take care of your comfort. The only thing we’re not covering are alcoholic beverages – you’ll need to buy those on your own.

What do we expect from you?

  • Be active! 
    Give us your enthusiastic attitude. Is there work to be done? No problem! Does a player seem lost and you have an idea how to help them out? Tell us about it! Sometimes we’ll all be tired and there will still be a lot of stuff to do – we need a team that will approach the task with the attitude of “No worries, we’ve got this”. Of course, there will be time for rest and you can always opt out of a task. The most important thing is to have a “Heck yes!” attitude and a willingness to help out.
  • Scenography 
    Are you good at crafting? We’re always in need of awesome props, which you can either bring with you or make on site. Do you have a great idea for setting up the Common Rooms? How about making the Dungeon look even spookier? If you can paint, sew, decorate, do make-up – there will always be something interesting for you to do.
  • Cleaning 
    There is always some cleaning up to do. From taking down decorations after the game to cleaning up spilled water in the Common Rooms. Everybody on-site is expected to help with the “dirty” work and the more hands we have on deck, the quicker it goes. You will be asked to carry (sometimes a bit heavy) boxes, clean up both Storage area and parts of the Castle, pack stuff and keep general surroundings tidy. It won’t be hard, physical work, but it will still be work.
  • Responsibility 
    We strive for the best possible experience both for players and for the production crew, and that means that we have to make sure everyone is on our best behavior. We don’t do our job drunk or hungover – we leave heavy partying for the after-party, after teardown!
  • You are expected to take responsibility for yourself, as well as your own transport to and from the venues. We will likely be able to pick you up from or drop you off at a nearby train station or the like, but make sure you’re able to come up with an alternative solution yourself, just in case. 
  • We will pick our Helpers based on the skills most needed on site. You don’t need to have any prior experience with Witchards or with larps in general. What we’re looking for is people who want to take responsibility for creating a wonderful experience. Your most important qualities are your enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, and willingness to go along with crazy ideas, while taking care of yourself and your teammates.

How do I sign up?

Joining the Order is simple. Fill out the form below, and you’ll be added to our special Helpers mailing list. Those are the ones we contact first, before publicly asking for Helpers to apply.