Studying at Czocha

in The Magic Arts

The Five Paths of Study

When you enroll in Czocha College, you will choose a Path that decides your specialization in studies. Each Path has something to offer to the prospective walker, and they can be considered majors of a sort – the Path your character chooses is undoubtedly going to leave a permanent mark on their future career opportunities.

Guardians study mostly classes suitable for officers of the Guardian Order, but also for other professions and occupations that require prowess in magical combat or understanding the structures of Witchard Society. Some do indeed end up upholding the Traditions, while others might become politicians and bureaucrats, or something completely different. Guardians study Magical Defence, Conflux Studies, Mind Magic, Magical Theory, Beastology and Technomancy.

Healers are taught the ways of the body and the mind in equal measure. They will learn to diagnose and treat various magical diseases and injuries. As a Healer one will learn to safely interact with foul curses, poisons, and concoctions. Skilled Healers are highly sought after in many areas of Witchard Society. Healers study Alchemy, Herbology, Beastology, Mind Magic, Ritual Magic and Magical Defence.

Artificers learn building, repairing and analyzing enchanted objects and fantastical contraptions. They know why magical amulets, artifacts and golems work the way they do, and how to make them better. They deal in the realm of brass, metal, transformation and creation. As it’s quite a broad field, most magical objects that Witchards use come from professional Artificers. Artificers study Technomancy, Arithmancy, Magical Theory, Conflux Studies, Runic Magic and Magical Defence.

Curse Breakers get to know the ways of old enchantments and hexes. Some are most at home in some forgotten tomb, prowling the depths for yet more secrets to unearth, others might work in examining and disassembling illegally cursed items. A skilled Curse Breaker is capable of creating, undoing and bypassing all kinds of magical defenses. Curse Breakers study Runic Magic, Ritual Magic, Arithmancy, Magical Theory, Invocation and Conflux Studies.

Cryptozoologists focus on the study of magical beasts, plants and spirits, and their many wondrous habits and abilities. They have a penchant for the truly dangerous and exotic–though there are more than a few with an analytical bent. Cryptozoologists find employment in all ways that deal with magical beasts, be it care, conservation or containment. Cryptozoologists study Beastology, Invocation, Herbology, Alchemy, Mind Magic and Ritual Magic.

The Magical Subjects

There are currently 12 subjects in the basic curriculum of Czocha College, and which of them you study depends on your path. Every now and then a new class is introduced, as a Professor of special note joins the faculty, or if a Head of School pushes a certain magical pedagogy. It is however rare that any of the traditional subjects are missing from the curriculum. For the last few hundred years these have been the following.

Students learn how to mix potions and magical elixirs. These range from disease-removing liquids and concentration-boosters to poisonous concoctions and bizarre elixirs that enhance the brewer.

Students learn how to use and read magic numbers. Substudies include Numerology, Geomancy and other mathematics-based divining techniques that both show and shape the future, past, and present.

Students learn how to deal with and care for magical creatures and beasts, both benign and dangerous. This can be anything from learning how to communicate with treefolk to hands-on-training in how to calm down enraged minotaurs.

Conflux Studies
Students learn about the European Confluxes and the rest of the magical world in all of its mystery and complexity. It’s a mix of history, social studies and ethics class, and often a seat of spirited debate.

Students learn how to identify, cultivate and use magical plants for arcane purposes. Some of these are extremely powerful and dangerous, and the field trips into the Dark Forest are seldom uneventful.

Students learn how to find, understand and deal with beings and energies from the beyond. This subject touches on everything from exorcism of ghosts and summoning of minor spirits to learning how to deal with fae entities.

Magical Defence
Students learn how to defend against magical attacks, sharpening their skills in magic duels. The idea is to train in a safe environment, but often the word “safe” is put in quotation marks for these classes.

Magical Theory
Students learn about both the researched phenomena and the newest controversial theories on how and magic actually works. After all, the true mastery of any magical art requires understanding of the processes behind it.

Mind Magic
Students learn how to use magic to affect the mental processes of both themselves and others. Reading and influencing feelings, Memory charms, and spells influencing feelings and mental abilities are among those commonly taught.

Ritual Magic
Students learn how to use the power of rituals to produce powerful magic. Teaching is often structured around practical rites and getting an understanding of the great variance in rites.

Runic Magic
Students learn to use the power of runes and written patterns of words and symbols to produce a variety of different magical results. Education in Runic Magic often focuses both on the practical application of runes and the theory of their use.

Students learn about the ways magic and technology can be combined. In the past this subject was known as “enchantment” and concerned itself mainly with the imbuing of objects with magical energies.

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