The Lycanthropic Crime Prevention Initiative (LCPI)

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The Lycanthropic Crime Prevention Initiative is a cross-conflux subdivision of the Guardian Order, and a controversial one at that. The initiative was founded and funded by Regulator Romanov who issued the executive order to form the initiative. The purpose of the LCPI is to combat crime committed by werewolves, and they are notorious for employing extreme methods towards this aim. The initiative has grown massively in influence and reach following the tragic events of the Lander Rebellion, with an active presence in many confluxes.

The LCPI are experts at “sniffing out” werewolves in hiding. Sometimes literally, as they are known to recently employ actual werewolves as operatives, known as the “Gray Wolves”, a special unit which is already feared in many lycan communities for their heavy handed recruitment and training methods, which includes a technomantic silver implant embedded into the spines of their werewolf agents. These blood hounds are rumoured to be trained in a secret location known as “The Gray Center”, by the feared Commander Stanislav Raczkowski, a high ranking LCPI officer by whose wand countless lycanthropes have lost their lives.

LCPI Guardians can be identified by their Guardian badges, which have a wolf head at the centre rather than the usual crossed keys of the Order. They often also carry other trappings of their profession, such as silver chains, or guns with silver bullets.

The LCPI Headquarters are found on a remote island somewhere of the coast of the British Isles, and functions as a conflux of which most operatives are legally citizens. Additionally, the Initiative has local offices in several confluxes in mainland Europe.

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