Le Fay Order

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Motto: Balance and Bind

Area of Expertise: Enchantment and Rituals

The origins of the Le Fay Order are shrouded in mystery and controversy. Owing perhaps to being one of the oldest Orders still in existence, no living witchard, nor any reliable written source, seems able to accurately account for where or when it was founded, but legend that it was by the infamous Morgana Le Fay herself. While its original name is lost to history, this secretive organisation was eventually named for her.

Adding to the controversy surrounding the Order, many scholars maintain that Morgana Le Fay, as her name indicates, was of non-human origin, possibly a fairy or water spirit. Over the years, the Order has boasted several members with fae ancestry; however, since the outbreak of the war, the Order has eagerly sought to distance itself from this fact, and this has led to something of an internal schism.

Those who are inducted into the mysterious Le Fay Order eventually learn the way enchantment, the magical art of misleading the mind and influencing emotion. They are keen adepts in effective ways to untangle dangerous curses, however, it is rumoured that many within the Order become enamoured with the complex art of weaving them instead, and wind up walking the paths of curse makers rather than breakers.

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