What is a dud?

in Miscellanea

A dud is the term for children who are born to witchard parents, but who display no sign of magic. Most witchards show the first signs around the start of puberty. Hexblood is known to have manifested as early as the age of six years old, and in some cases even in seniors over 90. Duds, meanwhile, simply never display ability in magic.

Duds occupy a strange place in most confluxes. After all, confluxes are created primarily to house those with magical powers, and as a result duds can usually feel left out or alienated in the magical world. Many duds go on to live or at least work in the mundane world, as witchard professions invariably require some magic.

Among the more purity-obsessed families, having a dud in the family tree is usually grounds for huge concern. Some whisper disturbing rumors about what the most out-there families do to duds who show up in their families, and quite a few note that duds tend to mysteriously “grow sick” and disappear in those households. Still, most examples of duds being “reintroduced” to the mundane world are somewhat more voluntary.

Created on July 26, 2022 by Thomas Mertz