The Hermetic School of Natural Philosophy

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Founded by a witchard famous by the name of Hermes Trismegistos (their real name remains unknown), the Hermetic School was the first school to teach magic as art and science. Some history scholars believe that the tradition of creating magical institutions of learning started in ancient Greece, making the Hermetic School one of the oldest schools in the world. This is, however, hotly debated.

The traditional teaching facilities are ancient Greek temples, and their timeless counterparts, the Gardens of Chronos. The Gardens of Chronos are small cracks in time and space around Confluxes, that reveal the true nature of a place. Nature, buildings and people appear there as their primal idea, safe from entropy and aging. As such platonic and neoplatonic philosophy holds a lot of sway.

The school has no Houses or Paths, and instead traditionally works in a mentor-mentee system, in which every mentor watches over one or two students. The time of education is not set, but depends on the student’s progress. Due to the small number of mentors the whole school counts less than 70 students making it one of the smallest, but also most prestigious magical colleges. Hence, it is a school usually chosen by the magical high society, as well as the few Witchards interested in time-related magic.

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