Stenøya Trolldom Akademiet

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Originally called Stenøya Seminaret, the school was founded in the 15th century by the danish Queen Margaret I. The school is located on a group of stony islands in a great mountain lake in the Trollsheim mountain range, which is magically hidden from mundanes. The school gained a new name, charter and curriculum in the second half of the 1980s, under the new Principal, who was inspired by the mundane education system of Scandinavia, which promoted practical abilities over theory.

Students now take eight years to complete their education. Studies not only include witcharding subjects, but also knowledge and practical abilities connected to the mundane world. In order to graduate, every student must spend an additional semester among mundanes, where they are banned from using magic – except in life-threatening situations. The harsh climate and obligatory physical work – for example in herb and stone gardens – harden both the body and the soul. This new structure of the school has caused it to gain prominence and popularity among witchards in the Nordic region, and even outside of Scandinavia people are sending their children.

Students at Stenøya are divided into one of four Houses. Unlike at Czocha College, the sorting does not happen at the start of the first year of schooling, but rather at the start of the fourth year. Originally the fourth house was Hus Lager, founded by Thorbjørg Lager and focused on transmutation and alchemy. However, after a tragic incident involving its students that occurred in the 17th Century the house was dissolved, and Hus Stege emerged in its place.

  • Hus Skogsrud, which has the downy willow as its sigil. Students value knowledge and tradition, and specialise in traditional magic, Runic Magic, and Arithmancy. Founded by Sol Skogsrud.
  • Hus Rosenrot, which has the roseroot as its sigil. Students value loyalty and duty, and specialise in healing magic, Herbology, Alchemy and Beastology. Founded by Ivar Halvardsson.
  • Hus Valkyrja, which has the wolf’s bane as its sigil. Students value steadfastness and discipline, and specialise in charms, defensive and offensive magic, and teleportation. Founded by Tula Niklasdatter, also known as Valkyrie.
  • Hus Stege, which has the knotberry as its sigil. Students value harmony and usefulness, and specialise in Magical Theory, Magical History, and concealment spells. It is currently the First House of Stenøya Trolldom Akademiet and has been for some time. Founded by Hilda Stege.

Stenøya is a little village situated on a group of stony islands of the same name, located on a great mountain lake in the Trollsheim mountain range, which is magically hidden from Mundanes. The central part is a stone building which in fact was a small monastery once. The lake is surrounded by a complex system of mountain caves and tunnels, also covered with charms.

The Stenøya Magic Academy’s coat of arms features an ornate ivory tower on a stone island. The school’s current motto is For det felles beste („For the common good”).

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