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Nibelungen Institute is a merger of three different magical colleges in Germany, namely Akademie Brocken, Nibelungen Hochschule and Universität Königsberg. Students at Nibelungen, as it is often simply called, choose an Institute according to their field of study and they also have shared classes with students from the other Institutes. All three Institutes have had long histories of teaching magic, but with a different focus.

  • Akademie Brocken holds the faculty of Natural Magic with classes in Alchemy, Herbology and Beastology. It was founded by the renowned and infamous witch coven of Walpurgis.
  • Nibelungen Hochschule holds the faculties of Technomancy and Runic Magic with additional classes in Mundane Studies. Nobody knows when and by whom N.H. was founded, but the history goes back at least to the 7th Century.
  • Universität Königsberg has the faculty of Humanities with classes in Magical Theory and Ethics, Arithmancy and Mind Magic. It was founded as the first great magic school in Germany.

Nibelungen Institute has four Houses and their history is in many places intertwined with Czocha’s. The four Houses are:

  • Haus Faust values Wisdom & Might, and was founded by Margarete Faust, the wife of one of the Czocha Founders. Even more so than their Czocha counterparts, Nibelungen Faustians are defined by their great hunger for power and influence. Their House crest is a dragon.
  • Haus Krabat values Valour & Honour, and was founded by the legendary German sorcerer known as Antonius Krabat. It is said Krabat managed to defeat his master – a dark sorcerer – but not before being turned into a swan. For this reason, their House crest is a swan.
  • Haus Molin values Loyalty & Cunning, and was founded by the same Molin who gave rise to the Czocha House. These Molinians are very much like their Czocha counterparts, and it is a tradition for them to continue their studies at Czocha. Their House crest is a golem.
  • Haus Flamel values Diligence & Willpower, and was founded by the famous alchemist Pernelle Flamel. Distinguished alumni tend to have been a part of this Haus, and members are consistently graded above the school average. Their House crest is a unicorn.

Nibelungen Institute’s relationship with werewolves had been difficult for a long time, and during the Lander werewolf rebellion the school was thrown into the center of the events. Many suffered tragic losses, and Nibelungen and its Staff and students still haven’t quite recovered from the chaos. This causes the majority of the school to be very heavily against werewolves, and they are no longer allowed as students. (Read more in the section Lander Rebellion.)

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