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L’Academie Révolutionaire de Magie Franche de Majonie, or “Majonie” for short, was founded by the great scholar and teacher, Alcuin of York and his student, the poet Angilbert, by royal decree of the great Charlemagne himself. Legend has it that Charlemagne’s sword, the Joyeuse, was weaved with spells connecting it to the Academie. The seat of the Academie was originally in Tours but was later moved to Paris, which became a beacon of magical studies in the francophone world and beyond.

Traditionally, the Academie de Magie was a school founded on hierarchy and conservative thought. During the middle ages, magical scholars at the Academie underwent strict training under a prescribed curriculum, with little opportunity for free thought and experimentation. On the other hand, it ensured that traditional witchard techniques were preserved, documented meticulously and perfected after years of scholarly research. For centuries, the Academie advocated and always followed a tradition of isolationism from political struggles and wars, arguing that its role was only to preserve and advance theoretical magical studies, rather than interfere in active political life.

However, this outdated thinking was about to change. The spirit of the Enlightenment that swept through the mundane world slowly started to the cast-iron structures of the Academie from the ground up. When the revolution broke out in the mundane world, followed by the magical Sans-Noms movement against the domination of the old hexborn aristocracy, the reaction of the Recteur de l’ Academie was to shut the magical gates and instruct the students to continue their studies with undivided attention, ignoring the fires burning through Paris. For the first time in the history of the Academie, the students refused to follow the instructions from their professors and stood up against the establishment. They occupied the Academie, stopped its traditional structure and held it for a year and six months. During that time, while the traditional teachings were suspended, the witchard students provided a form of self-education, formed committees for the smooth functioning of their daily lives and structures that ensured the safeguarding of the occupants of the Academie and the treasures within it. The students demonstrated that they can have a voice, power and the ability to self-determine their future and so, they forced the established structures to listen and debate.

Since that occupation, the charter of the Academie was changed to include student bodies and structures that enable students to have a say in the running of the school. There is always a tug of war between the old and the new, but some say that this forces students and professors to always challenge their thinking and be open to criticism and examination. There are no Houses at L’Academie de Magie, rather the students organize themselves into various common-interest groups as according to their own wishes. There are no Paths either, and each student tailors the curriculum to their own liking. This is considered a huge burden by some, and more than a few have slipped through the net and ended up wasting their years at the school due to their inability to work in this system.

The values of the school as a whole are Independence & Freedom, and while there are subtle differences between the two statements it is rather indicative of the cost of deciding these things by the student committee.

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