Escola de Magia en Torré de Belém

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No magical school has seen so many wars as Escola de Magia en Torré de Belém in Southern Europe, and none managed to remain as true to their fundamental goal – teaching magic to anybody who needs it, regardless of their bloodline or the amount of wealth in their family.

The school was founded in Lisbon in 1535 by three potent Witchards and outcasts, who had been imprisoned together in Torré de Belém and there vowed to make a change in the world.

• The Moor Hamid al-Iskandria, once master of astrology at the Order of the One Library, imprisoned for serving the King João III of Portugal, due to the unpleasant prophecy that despite their success and wealth the Avis dynasty will fall within 3 generations.

• The Italian alchemist Maria “La Mercuria” Salvatori, who was charged for witchcraft, imprisoned and forced to create an elixir that would make fallen soldiers still fight for their King.

• The French conjurer, Jacqueline “Jacque” de Molay, who, inspired by Joanne d’Arc, disguised herself as a man to serve the underground Templar Order as a soldier and spy, imprisoned after revealing her true nature.

Together the three prisoners agreed on changing the xenophobic status quo that surrounded them, creating the idea of a magic school teaching all those who would never been accepted to other schools of their times. Since its founding, the school has moved from Conflux to Conflux, establishing new schools in times of peace and leaving them in times of war. It is currently situated in Portugal since the end of the Second World War, establishing its newest school building in the Templar strongholds in Tomar.

The Towers at the Escola de Magia were created to teach the students how to fight for their own right in an ever changing environment. A lost duel, bad grades, or being caught breaking the rules result in being put into the lower Tower. Winning duels, good grades and extracurricular work results in ascending Towers. There is no House system or Path system like at Czocha College.

  • The Black Tower is the highest of the Towers. It offers the most comfortable dormitories for students and the most free time for development. Members of this Tower learn how to establish a working structure and how to defend their own position – but also the bitterness of losing what has been gained. The Black Tower students tend to join cliques and cooperate to keep their own friends in the Black Tower while kicking others out. The Black Tower was originally guided by Hamid al-Iskandria.
  • The Grey Tower is the middle Tower. It offers medium standard dormitories and mandatory alchemy lessons. Members of this Tower learn what change means and how to fight while having everything to win and everything to lose. Getting upward from the Grey Tower demands scholarly successes. The Grey Tower was originally guided by Maria Salvatori.
  • The White Tower is the lowest of the Towers. It offers quite unfavourable dormitories, less tasty food, almost no free time, but lots of fighting lessons. To ascend from the White Tower, students need to win many duels and prove their strength and creativity in using magic. Traditionally small groups of students decide to remain in the White Tower and create gangs, while others strive for advancement as fast as they can. The White Tower was originally guided by Jacqueline de Molay.

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