Collegium Romanum de Auspicio

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Collegium Romanum de Auspicio is an old school. It has stood since the height of the Roman Republic and it has weathered all the wars since then, in the shadows of the eternal city itself – Rome, whereto all roads lead. It is, however, and has always been extremely multicultural – even if it owes a large part of its multiculturalism to the conquests of the mundane romans. Germanic, celtic, and stranger still magical traditions have been and are practiced here.

Today, Italian rather than Roman, the Collegium is a much more modern institution – none can say that it has not kept with the times. The newest Technomantic theories are being developed and tested alongside age-old Augury and Thaumaturgy – for many roads still lead to Rome. Age-old secrets from other magical traditions are still unearthed by the librarians and teachers who make their home at the Collegium, and although the Golden Age has long since passed, it is still rather bright.

The school divides its students into four Curia, their name taken from the meeting halls of the ancient Roman civic organisations and guilds (also called Collegiums). The individual Curia still carry the names of Rome’s four largest priestly factions, though they no longer have any religious significance.

The Curia fulfill the function of both Czocha’s Houses and Paths, and students apply to their Curia of choice. However the Collegium expects its students to embrace a diversity of studies and so all students will spend at least a little time studying and often being tutored by their colleagues outside of their ‘home’ Curia.

  • The Curia Pontifex accepts students who are primarily interested in Magical History, Civics and Ethics. Being a member of the Curia Pontifex is sometimes said to be all but a requirement for anyone wishing to go far in the legal or governing bodies of the Southern European Confluxes.
  • The Curia Augures accepts students who are interested in Divination, Prophecy and Arithmancy. Curiously it is also the Curia for students interested in a magical study of the natural world. Which subject is the rightful primary focus of Augures is the source of much internal debate. Usually everyone can get behind Vinomancy though.
  • The Curia Quindecimviri caters to students who want a solid grounding in Magical Theory. It’s popular with students who are interested in Thaumaturgy, Technomancy, Runic Scholars and Magical Research and Development. It is also a stubborn hotbed for the Chronomancy Unbound reform movement.
  • The Curia Epulones ostensibly caters to students who want a less-specialized magical education than the other three Curia offer. In practice it is the Curia of students interested primarily in drinking, Hexflix and chill, or are attending the Collegium on Duelling and Fireball Dragon scholarships. Goooooo Auspicio!

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