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Avalon has been a seat of learning since at least the 4th century; the subjects that it teaches have not changed much since that time. Hence, some alumni of Avalon struggle with more modern forms of magic. Avalon is a desolate sea fort, on an island shrouded in mist and protected by waves and rocks. However, no one really knows where it is.

Avalon is not a school in the traditional sense; it does not have a set term time, written examinations, houses, or a clear curriculum. Lessons take the form of discussions and practical exercises, rather than formal classes. Young students spend two years learning the basics of law, herbalism and history. Those who choose to remain after that go on to study poetry and music, politics and warfare. Only after they have studied these to their teachers’ satisfaction are they taught any form of magic at all. Avalon is strong on certain types of ritual magic, healing, and magic that deals with the natural and ancient world.

Students at Avalon trade in a currency of ‘gifts, freely given’ and ‘favours owed.’ If you accept a gift from another student that’s not freely given, then you will owe them an unspecified favour until you can pay back the gift with something of equal or greater value. They can call in this favour at any time.

There are no Houses at Avalon, but rather there are informal groups of students known as ‘Warbands’ who protect their members from the many dangers on the island. Ties between the members of Warbands often stay strong even after the students leave school.

Students at Avalon are sorted into one of five Paths. A student may attempt to influence which Path they end up on, but once pledged to a Path, they must walk it to the end. The five Paths are:

  • Morigena, the Seaborn Path, where students learn the magic of water: illusions, how to call storms, about brewing strange potions, charms, enchantments and the secrets of the Whale Road.
  • Sylvestris, the Forest Path, where students learn the secrets of the land and the earth: the language of beasts and and how to alter their shape.
  • Tuath, the Sinister Path, where students tend towards politics: they learn subtle manipulations and magic of persuasion, specialise in the subtle interplay of trades and favours, and consort with both benign and malevolent spirits.
  • Taranis, the Path of the Burning Wheel. Students on this Path are warriors. They learn the magic of fire and destruction; their secret classes teach them the subtleties of armour spells and the art of war. They wear their scars proudly.
  • Wyllt, the Wild Path, where students learn secrets shrouded in mystery. Those who follow this Path make a long journey barefoot across a dozen lands, learning from the Witchards of those countries as they go. Students on this Path are rare, and those who complete it are rarer still.

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