Secret Societies

Not all clubs of Czocha convene in broad daylight. Some of them are specifically centered around the forbidden and dangerous, and getting caught as a member will definitely get you in trouble. They have been disbanded many times in the course of history, but each time some of the members linger and quietly start recruiting again. All details about the clubs and their members are well-guarded secrets, and in order to join you must have the right connections or be very, very lucky.

Iron Covenant

The Iron Covenant is one of the oldest organisations in the world, and unlike most ancient orders they care very little for blood status or lineage. They focus their intentions on the most talented and gifted among witchards, and seek out those with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. The Covenant’s history is shrouded in mists of lies and layers of deception, and even individual chapter leaders rarely know the true origins of the organisation. It has been the Covenants singular mission through the ages to uncover the mysteries of our world and unlock its hidden knowledge.

Members of the Iron Covenant believe that there is no such thing as Dark or Light magic, only the right and the wrong way to use it. While it is true that some of the worst horrors ever unleashed upon witchard society was because of the actions of the Covenant, it is also equally true that the organisation has kept the world from toppling into chaos on more than one occasion. In many ways the Iron Covenant view themselves as the finger on the scales, keeping everything in perfect balance, at any cost.

There are many reasons to join the Covenant, but the members are united by their wish to plumb the depths of magical knowledge, their will to wield the power of truly remarkable and dark forces and their belief that mutual protection from those forces is preferable to working as a lone wolf. Sometimes that belief is not enough, however, and members have been known to disappear without a trace after going in too deep.

While each chapter operates with almost full autonomy and independence the Covenant is ruled by a group known only as The Artisans. Occasionally they will make demands or requests of individual chapters. One would do well to heed their requests.

Fight Club

The creation of Fight Club was a backlash against the prim and proper Dueling Club. Not everyone was willing to go through all the bowing and rituals and have their fighting limited by countless rules. No, these students wanted to get immediately into action and push their limits no matter the cost. Fight Club has no rules, and every dirty trick in the book is allowed – when you’re faced against dark forces in real life or work as a Guardian in the field, you won’t have time for a cup of tea. Some people join the club to find an outlet for some internal aggression, while others do it because they want a relatively safe place to practice real combat magic without being coddled by the teachers. Some might just enjoy the thrill of doing something that’s so clearly against the school rules.

The club has no fancy titles or formal hierarchies, and generally the one to organize the meeting is the one to say what’s the agenda of the night this time. One on one? All out brawl? Something more creative? Of course, the same person is also the one in charge of making sure they don’t get caught. Fight Club usually meets after curfew, as it’s much more exciting that way and teaches people to stay on their toes. Next day they might discreetly approach their Healer friends for help, because everything still hurts. Is this really the best way to learn? Nobody knows, but for the club members it’s a way of life.

Explorers of the Eternal

The grand name lures many ambitious witchards to join The Eternal. The stuffy, near sleepwalking reality causes most of them to leave early. Most students (and Staff) agree that this is nothing more than a study group for very dedicated students and alumni professors. Tales tell of decorating cakes and a myriad of teapots. And yes, the dress code is night wear (pyjamas or gown), sleeping cap and scarf. It is Czocha’s smallest club. Not only because of the dry readings from magic theory books, but also because to get to a meeting you need to decode the most intricate puzzles and magically encrypted clues. Few bother to jump through the hoops.

Some rumours tell of far more exotic concoctions than tea, and altogether more fringe ceremonies than book circles after midnight (when all Juniors are fast asleep). Then again, that’s probably just the book worms and library rats spinning their rep at school.