Fireball Dragon

Fireball Dragon is the most popular sport of the European Confluxes. The non-initiated might call it “slightly more complicated dodgeball”, but in truth it’s so much more than that: a beautiful game full of tactics and teamwork. Almost every Conflux has its own Fireball League, and Czocha is no exception. The best players at school are followed by admiring looks and longing sighs wherever they go. Many might dream of becoming professional Fireball stars after graduation, but the competition is tough and only the absolute best can make it.

The Fireball Dragon Pitch in the Lower Courtyard.
It saw a lot of action this season.

Fireball Dragon is usually played on both school days: first tryouts to scout for promising Junior talents and to recap the rules for those who haven’t played for a while, and the school tournament on the next day. It is one of the best occasions to show House spirit, and everyone gathers outside to cheer for their own team. Each House team needs a minimum of five members. The best Houses are also awarded points for their outstanding performance on the Fireball field.