Clubs gather for meetings wherever a spare table can be found.

Each student belongs to one of the school clubs. They’re a place to find like-minded individuals, learn new things and show off your skills. Most clubs have one or two meetings during the first school days, and some might have grand plans and events to organize, such as performances or competitions. In addition to the clubs, many students love playing Fireball Dragon and belong to their House team, anxiously waiting for the first tournament of the year.

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Fireball Dragon

House Molin faces off against House Libussa

Fireball Dragon is the most popular sport of the European Confluxes. The non-initiated might call it “slightly more complicated dodgeball”, but in truth it’s so much more than that: a beautiful game full of tactics and teamwork. Almost every Conflux has its own Fireball League, and Czocha is no exception. The best players at school are followed by admiring looks and longing sighs wherever they go. Many might dream of becoming professional Fireball stars after graduation, but the competition is tough and only the absolute best can make it.

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Secret Societies

Not all students heed warnings by the faculty.

Not all clubs of Czocha convene in broad daylight. Some of them are specifically centered around the forbidden and dangerous, and getting caught as a member will definitely get you in trouble. They have been disbanded many times in the course of history, but each time some of the members linger and quietly start recruiting again. All details about the clubs and their members are well-guarded secrets, and in order to join you must have the right connections or be very, very lucky.

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