The magical world is not a safe place, and Healers are always needed to patch people up when something goes wrong. Be it a botched spell, lost duel or barely escaping from a rampant magical creature, you always want to have a Healer available. Healers learn to diagnose and treat various magical diseases and injuries and understand the workings of both witchard’s body and mind. While it’s crucial for every Healer to know their potions, they also learn other methods of healing such as rituals and runes.

Almost any company, institute or department can benefit from hiring a skilled Healer. Some of them work in large, conflux-governed magical hospitals, others choose positions in smaller institutions such as schools or even set up their own small clinic. Those talented in Mind Magic can also use their knowledge as counselors, psychologists and therapists.

Healers study Alchemy, Herbology, Beastology, Mind Magic, Ritual Magic and Magical Defence.