Guardians study the skills needed to protect the magical society and keep it up and running. They need to understand the laws and history of witchards as well as the principles behind magic itself. They also have the most extensive education in magical combat, both physical and mental. They know the Traditions by heart and are dedicated to upholding them.

It is the dream of many Guardians to join the Guardian Order and do active fieldwork catching rogue necromancers and other criminals, but there are also many other career options. Most administrative and bureaucratic positions benefit from a Guardian skill set, and whenever new laws or treatises are written, Guardians are almost certain to be present. While the Guardian education is not a requirement to become a politician, it certainly does help. As a result, the Guardian class is often a mixture of hotheaded heroes, ready to rush into action, and future diplomats who yearn to understand the fundamentals of the witchard society.

Guardians study Magical Defence, Conflux Studies, Mind Magic, Magical Theory, Beastology and Technomancy.